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Case Studies and Client Success Stories

ShipTo Partners

ShipTo Partners is a Canadian-based 3PL company making waves in the eCommerce space. Learn how they manage their client’s goods using SkuVault.

Porter Road

Porter Road Butcher is ready to change the way Americans buy their meat. See how the online butcher is getting it done with SkuVault.


After a 3PL was limiting their growth, FOXERS apparel company needed a simplified solution to bring their inventory in-house.

Worldwide Cyclery

Mountain bike pros Worldwide Cyclery harness the power of a SkuVault and ChannelAdvisor partnership to manage inventory across three warehouse locations.

Shady Rays

Shady Rays sunglasses retailer sells over 140 styles with the help of complete inventory visibility inside SkuVault.

Shively Sporting Goods

Learn how Shively Sporting Goods streamlined their warehouse to build a powerful eCommerce machine that doesn’t rely solely on Amazon.

Happy Feet Retail Case Study

Happy Feet is a family-owned business selling specialty slippers using SkuVault’s simple interface to get the job done.

Trim Healthy Mama

Learn how Trim Healthy Mama reduced their mis-picks with SkuVault.


Learn how increased their efficiency and streamlined processes with SkuVault.

Beauty Bakerie

Learn how Beauty Bakerie cleaned up processes with SkuVault and ShipWorks.

Get Lowered Cycles

Learn how Get Lowered Cycles cleaned up processes with SkuVault, ShipWorks, Big Commerce, and Solid Commerce.

Grace and Lace

Learn how Grace and Lace cleaned up processes with SkuVault WMS.

Seahorse Enterprises

Learn how Seahorse Enterprises cleaned up processes with SkuVault and Magento.

The Feet Treat

Learn how The Feet Treat streamlined their warehouse processes with SkuVault.

Chrome Battery

Learn how Chrome Battery cleaned up their processes with SkuVault and shipping automation that resulted in a $300,000 annual savings.


Learn how BulbAmerica improved reordering, increased team efficiency, and moved to a simpler training process with SkuVault.


Learn how Golfio cleaned up their processes with SkuVault and improved order fulfillment time by 87.5%!


Learn how 2BHip cleaned up their processes with SkuVault and reduced oversells and improved marketplace feedback.

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