eCommerce Inventory Management Reporting Features

Reporting that gives you the data you need and keep your inventory costs low.

Generating useful reports is crucial to the success of your business. SkuVault‘s reporting and analytics features provide the information you need to see what is happening in your warehouse. Generate on-demand reports that are easy to customize and export. We make it easy to create, maintain, and share operational insights so you can make better purchasing and forecasting decisions.

SkuVault’s powerful reporting and filtering capabilities allow you to:

  • Investigate previous transactions to confirm accuracy and past quality control actions
  • Track sales, quantities on hand, and every warehouse action from order to fulfillment
  • Promote strong interdepartmental communications and further optimize workflows
  • Manage inventory across all FBA and third-party platforms so you can view stock in real-time
  • Easily juggle kits and raw material components so your warehouse team can locate and fulfill orders with ease and fewer mistakes
  • Avoid painful oversells
  • Create a purchase order based on what’s on order, in-house, and pending
  • Transfer on-hand inventory between warehouses and retail stores
  • Identify cycle count opportunities and prevent human error

Know When Inventory Is Low

SkuVault makes ordering as easy as the click of a button.

SkuVault’s Replenishment Report allows your team to generate a detailed report to inform you of inventory levels. You’ll have instant access to help you make smarter and faster purchasing decisions. This report utilizes three report types: reorderreplenish, and assembly in various methods such as sales forecasting, reorder point, and maximum/minimum order quantity. Whether you’re selling online or off, your sales history from each channel is funneled into one single report. You’ll have the inventory on hand that you need when you need it.

Drive Good Decisions With Thorough Reporting

Some examples of SkuVault’s reporting suite include:

  • Just In Time (JIT)
  • Re-Ordering
  • Out-of-Stock
  • Weeks-on-Hand
  • Turn Rate
  • Purchasing
  • Forecasting
  • Purchase Orders
  • User Accountability
  • Assembly and Print-to-Order
  • Order/Receiving Discrepancy
  • Supplier Reporting
  • Efficiency
  • Class/Brand
  • Zone Management
  • Statuses
  • Transaction History
  • Exporting

Use High-Level Snapshots to View Inventory Performance

The SkuVault Warehouse Management System Dashboard is a high-level snapshot of what’s currently happening in your warehouse. Check inventory, e-commerce sales volume, monitor FBA interactions and more, so that you have access to your most important information quickly and in real-time.

  • Make better purchasing decisions
  • Yield a better ROI
  • Take the guesswork out of operations and sales

Streamline your supply chain and improve your company’s bottom line with SkuVault Warehouse Management System. Get started today!

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