Training and Support

Dedicated Hands-On Training

Finding and implementing a new software solution can be a hefty job. To alleviate some of this stress, we’ve created a variety of packages to help you get started. Our on-boarding, customer service, and support teams are ready to help you by phone or through our support portal every step of the way with any questions. They are your dedicated SkuVault specialists.

With SkuVault's Award-Winning Training Program, you'll experience:

  • A more consistent experience with a better understanding of the WMS software that fits the needs of your business
  • A team that’s accurately trained on SkuVault so they can use the system the way it was built to be used
  • One-on-one training with each of your warehouse employees through phone calls and in-person visits
  • Faster implementation with questions and answers specific to your company’s workflow

“Everything you need to know is in their support articles. I’ve never been able to not find an answer to something in there. SkuVault earned my trust when it came to email support. They usually respond within five minutes, and you can tag your request with a priority level. I’ve gotten email responses in under two minutes from them when it was urgent, then they call you if necessary or if it’s requested.”

— Jonathan Hatlee, EightCig

SkuVault Training

The key to more accurate inventory

Clients who complete SkuVault training will use our system faster, with more consistent actions from their warehouse employees. You will experience more accurate inventory and have a system in place that can verify that each warehouse employee is picking your product accurately. These efficiencies are shown through the reduction in mis-ships, more accurate inventory, less backtracking, and less handling of each product prior to sale.

With SkuVault training, you’ll experience more:

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Verification
  • Efficiency

SkuVault On-Boarding

Experienced WMS On-boarding Specialists

Once you’ve picked out your customized on-boarding package, the team member leading the software implementation has access to their dedicated on-boarding specialist for questions and to schedule the software implementation at your facility. Our on-boarding specialists are available to make on-site visits to assist your staff in getting the software set up correctly, to make sure all of your integrations are connecting smoothly, and to help you better optimize your warehouse processes to ensure you are getting the most out of your new Warehouse Management System.

“We spent almost two years looking for a reliable inventory management software and tried over 6 different companies. SkuVault met all of our needs and has solved all our problems. We could not be happier with this software, it has never failed. Customer service and tech support is top notch too.”

— Ryan Rivera, Golf Cart King

Customer Service and Support

Available by phone and email

Our support team reads all of your questions and suggestions and works hard to get them resolved in a timely manner. Submit a ticket, request a feature, or look at the community forum to see what other SkuVault clients are talking about.

Learn how you can build a personalized software solution with SkuVault Warehouse & Inventory Management System. Get set up with an On-boarding or Training package today!

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