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Inventory management for the way you do business

Home goods retailers are in the business of creating beautiful spaces. With SkuVault, help create those beautiful spaces faster with a streamlined pick, pack, ship process. Catch mistakes with quality control workflows at picking and packing to accurately deliver on customer expectations at shipping.


Eliminate mistakes with barcode scanning

Easily scan in products at receiving to prevent incorrect order picking down the line. With barcode scanning, your pickers can move through their pick lists with speed and accuracy, without the worry of manually writing down each order number.

Decorate in bundles

SkuVault understands that homegoods buyers usually purchase the same items together at once. Especially something like a holiday set. With Kits and Assembled Products you can sell products as bundles to make the shopping experience better for the consumer, and easier on your pickers.


Get the data you need, when you need it. Generate on-demand reports that are easy to customize and export so you can make smarter, data-driven decisions about your growing Homegoods business.

Seller Performance Ratings

Fewer errors in the warehouse mean happier customers. Happier customers mean higher Seller Performance Ratings and better search results for your products.

Sell More, Faster.

It’s a fact: Organized inventory picks faster, ships faster and sells faster. With SkuVault, you can locate any item in your warehouse in seconds which means faster picking and more shipments out the door.

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“When I first started, you couldn’t find anything at all. With SkuVault we went from knowing where something may have been to knowing exactly where something was. It streamlined our processes 100%”

– Systems Administrator, Nathan Head eLuxury Supply

eLuxurySupply Decreased Cycle Count Times By 87.5%

Luxury bedding company eLuxurySupply decreased their cycle count times by 87.5% with SkuVault warehouse management system.

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